Hostess Gift Guide for Your Holiday Parties

Thanksgiving is exactly one week away! Wasn't it just the start of November yesterday? Turkey day is kind of the kick off of all the holiday parties. For us, I feel like from Thanksgiving to New Years we are bouncing around from one party to the next. 

Parties and gatherings take a lot of hard work to put together, you guys. The hostess of a party is basically in charge of making sure everyone has a great time, and usually they work all day getting things ready for guests to arrive. When we go to holiday parties, I like to have a little something to give the hostess to show my appreciation - just something to say "hey, you're awesome and we love you!"

Hostess gifts can look a couple of different ways. You can either do something edible (chocolate, candy, cookies, booze, etc.) or you can do something non-edible. When choosing things that aren't edible, I like to try and buy things that they can use year-round and not just on the holidays (although I love a good holiday-themed mug or dish towel!). Below I have done a little roundup of some gifts that I love (edible and non-edible!) followed by links to each one. 

Hostess Gifts and Ideas for Your Holiday Parties | Feast & Dwell

1. Tree Hunt Candle by Feast & Dwell - Guys. This candle smells like Christmas in a jar and is so perfect for a hostess gift. I'm constantly burning this in my house and get compliments on it every time someone comes over - it smells divine!

2. Linen Hand Towel by Everyday Co. - I adore this company and everything they do, and this hand towel makes a perfect gift for a hostess to use year round!

3. Coffee Chocolate by Mast Brothers - Who doesn't like a good chocolate bar? Mast Brothers have so many great options including this coffee chocolate which is totally scrumptious and also maple chocolate if you want something a little more seasonal.

4. Linear Gold Coasters from West Elm - Not gonna lie, I totally want these coasters for myself. I love the gold in these which add some festive-ness but can also be used year-round.

5. Balsam + Fir Soap by Formulary55 - If you haven't checked out Formulary55 yet, you need to. The soaps (and basically everything else) they make smell so amazing. They have a fun holiday line of soaps right now and they all sound heavenly!

6. Kinto Mug from Kettle & Brine - Because I don't think anyone could ever have too many mugs, this makes the perfect hostess gift for anyone who is a coffee/tea lover. 

7. Linzer Cookies by Feast & Dwell - This recipe makes a ton of linzer cookies, so they are great for baking and then taking to multiple parties. You can switch out the strawberry jam for something more seasonal like plum. Put these little guys in a cute little baggie and add a tag (you can get a free printable of tags by subscribing to the blog!) and you have a perfect little hostess gift!

8. Holiday Wine bags from West Elm - Last year I gave hostesses wine in these seriously cute bags from West Elm and everyone loved it (because who doesn't love wine that looks cute in a bag like this?)!

Hopefully this helps give you a little direction and inspires you to show some appreciation to all the amazing hostesses out there! Let the partying begin!