Who I am

Hey! I'm Jessica and you have reached this little corner of the internet that represents what I'm passionate about - food & hospitality.

For the past 8 years I have owned my own photography business and shot everything from families and high school seniors to weddings. While that part of my life has been such a joy and incredibly successful, a couple of years ago I decided to scale back as we started talking about having a family. Photographing weddings is still a good part of my life but Feast & Dwell has helped me create a bit of balance by being a different creative outlet.

I have always loved cooking/baking and a couple of years ago I started setting aside one day a week to put on records and bake. As I posted images of the goodies I would create, I started getting emails asking me for recipes. The more emails I received, the more I started thinking about creating a food blog. However, I knew I didn't want it to only be about food. I have also always enjoyed creating a welcoming and loving environment for others, and the idea of hospitality has always been one that I'm passionate about - that's where the idea of Feast & Dwell was born. 

I guess you can blame my mom for being so great at making a house feel like a home and instilling in me a love for cooking and baking at an early age. I truly believe growing up in a home that provided a safe and welcoming environment is what has made me love hospitality so much to this day.
I believe in simplicity and living life to the fullest. To me, this means spending time with friends & family and serving them well. The purpose of this blog is to help others find joy in making a house a home, making people feel welcome, and enjoying the things that matter most. You can find a post on my heart behind Feast & Dwell here and my hospitality series here.

Along with the blog, I recently opened an online shop to provide people with items that help in their hospitality ventures. All items in the shop are wonderfully handmade and include serving boards, table linens, leather goods and candles (candles are made by yours truly!).

Food & Lifestyle Blogger | Feast & Dwell

I reside in Austin with my handsome hubs, Will who is the fine art director at a private school and also a musician. We have an adorable son, Liam who has brought so much joy to our lives and has the most squeezable cheeks. And I cannot forget about our "first baby," our golden retriever, Rigby who is as spoiled as ever.

Will and I are all about community and hosting dinners & gatherings in our home (which looks a little different with a baby now, but are still such a joy for us!). We love being outdoors, exploring new cities (and our own), and also just taking time to relax with our family.